Dan in “Universos” (La Wikipeli de Mahou)

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August 13, 2008
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March 4, 2010
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Dan in “Universos” (La Wikipeli de Mahou)

My song “23.976p” was selected in the Wikipeli contest and it appears two times in the colaborative film “Universos” (La Wikipeli de Mahou).

“Universos” is a short film made via internet for over 3000 people. The people voted and suggested ideas, anyone could contribute with their imagination and I decided to create an experimental theme specifically for the film. Hundreds of songs were sent to participate and I was lucky to be chosen. My small contribution appears in 2 moments of the film (8’20” and 13’48”) .

The sound is not very good and that is because in the edition, the technicians used my demo. Today, I still wondered why no one asked me about the master file. Anyway, I am very proud to have participated.

Thanks to José Corbacho and Juan Cruz for this opportunity.