• Silence EP

    In silence The dub The empty roof Who wants
  • Dreamscapes

    Vasily Dvortsov – You In Maharashtraм (Original Mix) Chris Wonderful – I Love You (Original Mix) Saint of Sin – Stars (Solarsoul Remix) Sad Radio On Cassini – Hide Me (Original Mix) Dan Hiroshi – Fury (On the Moon Live Mix) Vlad Zhukov – Day By Day (Affective Remix) Solarsoul feat. Saint Of Sin – Don’t Look Back (Original Mix) Affective feat. Angelina Bukovska – Unusual (Original Mix) Tigerforest – My Silent Mystery (Original Mix) Valdi Sabev – Fly With Me (Original Mix) Chris Wonderful – My Heart (Original Mix) SynthR – Shadows and Dust (Original Mix) Frank Arnold – Travel Without Moving (Original Mix) Tigerforest – Find the Tree (Original Mix) Max Denoise, Harnam – Entropia (TwilightJ Chill Mix) Michael Saupe – Time (Original Mix) Saleh – Beautiful Night (Original Mix) Gorm Sorensen – Twilight Thoughts (Original Mix) Solarsoul – Merci d’avoir enchante ma vie (Original Mix) AstralFogg – Aware (Part II) Alex Lead feat. KrisMe – Surface Of Your Soul (Original Mix) Ashterra – Worlds Inside the Worlds (Original Mix) Anhidema – The Poor & The Rich (Original Mix)
  • Best of 2014

    Wadsworth – Interstellar (Original Mix) Piotr Janeczek – Epic Hymn To Our Beautiful World (Original Mix) Lukas Termena – Heart of the Ocean (Original Mix) Dan Hiroshi – Fury (On the Moon Live Mix) Frank Arnold – Travel Without Moving (Original Mix) Solarsoul feat. Saint Of Sin – Don’t Look Back (Original Mix) Alex Lead feat. Mila Kirichek – Summer Time (Original Mix) Max Denoise & Katya – Summer (Original Mix) Arro feat. Jay Jacob – Pinnacle (Original Mix) Tigerforest – For the Minutes (Original Mix) SynthR – Shadows and Dust (Original Mix) U.O.K. – Absence Of Gravity (Original Mix) Solarsoul feat. Kristin Amarie – Goal Achievement (Saint of Sin Remix) Escape by Night – Where Joy Shall Reign (Original Mix) Astral Fogg – Timelessness (Original Mix) Saleh – Sunrise in Island Kish (Original Mix) Escape By Night – Goodbye (Original Mix) AVES – Lost In Paradise (Original Mix) Demetrio Da Soto & George Sotis – Rain Of Love (Original Mix) Gorm Sorensen – When Colours Emerge (Original Mix) Green Sun – Breeze (Original Mix) Ceol – Seashore (Original Mix) Saint Of Sin – Angel Dust (Solarsoul Epic Remix) Anhidema – The Seventh Sanctuary (Feat. Aeralie Brighton & Tom Boyd) LuOrchestra – Leaf Fall (Orchestral Version) Sad radio on Cassini – Drifting (feat. Vera Polozkova) Shambala Networks – Awake Sleep (Original Mix) Lukas Termena & Sinoptik Music – Silence (Original Mix) Squeezer – Chilled Juice (Stray Theories Remix) Georgy Om – Now (Original Mix) Echo-ES – Memories (Feat. SandSpace Part […]
  • Touch the Sky remixes

    Touch the Sky (Rolling Dummper mix) Touch the Sky (James McConaghew mix) Touch the Sky (Future Cowboys exquisite mix) Touch the Sky (Speed up original mix)
  • First day

    “First Day (Dan Hiroshi Remix)” is a track included in the EP “First day” produced by Alexandria. The remix is a chillout version of the original soft-trance mix. This track is available at Beatport online music store.  
  • Rawmatroid Buffet Service

    Download Album (320 cbr mp3) Rawmatroid has released a new compilation in his third anniversary. This work is an effort made with help of some artist which have collaborated remixing and being remixed. My contribution was a remix of the song “My crazy love show ” by alDDao. At first time I was thinking to create a dark environmental tune, but the feeling of the original song seemed insurmountable. For this reason I decided to make the opposite: a pop song with a positive feeling and more energy. I want to thank Miguel Arrieta, Biconnection and Nil_lo for their work and their sensitivity, and especially alDDao for letting me remix his beautiful song. Tracklist: 01.Dan Hiroshi – Aloof (Miguel Arrieta Remix) 02.Frances Lerouge – Tengo un plan perfecto para salvar el mundo (Ales Pardo Remix) 03.alDDao – Crazy Love Show (Lefrenk Remix) 04.Dan Hiroshi feat Suite – Aloof (Biconnection Remix) 05.Frances Lerouge vs Biconnection – Glisandos, letras & the light (Laszlo Hollyfield Remix) 06.Dan Hiroshi – Mi planeta imaginario (Alexandria aka Nil_lo Remix) 07.Sic-Emisferm – Una buena amistad (A.G.M! & Quintrix 90`s Remix) 08.Frances Lerouge – Tengo un plan perfecto para salvar el mundo (Nil_lo Remix) 09.alDDao – Crazy Love Show (Tech Amplifier Deconstruction Live Remix) 10.alDDao – Crazy Love Show (popHiroshi Mix)
  • Puzzle for art’s sake

    Download Album (mp3) Puzzle for arts sake It’s a compilation to celebrate the second anniversary of Rawmatroid Netlabel. My contribution was Aloof, a song composed exclusively for this collection. Tracklist: 01. Astroboyz – Identity 02.Dan Hiroshi feat. Suite – Aloof 03.Kino Internacional – Kursaal Rules 04.Subsotano – Deeper Underground 05.Pitwo – Hong Kong Nights 06.Miguel Arrieta – Grandiflora del pagés 07.The Observer – Regresión 08.David Granha – Home 09.John Axiom – My love no finish 10.Lefrenk – SquareSawSine 11.Domagk – Gasmake (James McConaghew mix) 12. Frances Lerouge – Tengo un plan perfecto para salvar el mundo 13.SIC – Una Buena Amistad (original remix) 14.Frances Lerouge – Azules y Negro (Ni lo Serendipia remix) 15.Kebiin – Esto es el fin 16.A.G.M! & Qüintrix – Inner Demon 17.TechAmplifier – Atelka 18.Armed – Schemeck Radio 0.4  Manylor
  • Oplus2

    Download Album ( mp3)